Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much conditioner, olive oil, vegetable oil, wide tooth combs and DETERMINATION you use, sometimes it is not possible to untangle matted hair after weeks and months of being bedridden.

I met Susan recently at a Toronto area hospital. Susan had been in bed for many months, moved from one hospital to another and her hair had been badly neglected. The hair in the back of her head was so knotted that it was uncomfortable for her to lie her head down.

Susan needed someone to come to the hospital to wash and cut her hair. The Hospital referred her to Haircuts on Wheels – a mobile hair service specializing in children, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

I had been told before the appointment that it might be necessary to cut the knots out of Susan’s hair. At the time I had thought that would be unnecessary. I would never let “tangled hair” determine a client’s cut and style. I would use the whole bottle of conditioner if necessary to smooth out Susan’s hair. Hair is an important part of a person’s identity and to cut out of necessity and not choice is a difficult thing to do.

Imagine being sick for months and then someone cuts your hair off too.

But I couldn’t get the knots out. I stood back and looked at Susan’s lovely, fine featured face. There was only one thing to do … I had to sell a new hair style. So I smiled and got excited and told her it was time for a new style, something fun and easy, a wash and wear style. We discussed past hair styles and decided on an angled bob with bangs. She had not had bangs in years and wanted to try them again. We kept the hair longer in the front to create the illusion of length and went short in the back to get rid of the knots and reduce the chance of future ones. I had to move quickly since Susan could not sit in the chair for very long.

After the cut, I gave Susan a quick blow dry and finished with an amazing scented spray…

Haircuts on Wheels is pleased to offer Mosaic Members a 10 % discount on all hair services. Stylists travel to homes, hospitals and retirement residences to help seniors look and feel great!
If you know someone in need of our services or would like more information, please call 416-460-0513, email contact@haircutsonwheels.ca or go to www.haircutsonwheels.ca.

So my friends, please brush your loved ones hair daily, it will keep their hair healthy and the touch will help them heal.

Kimberly Irwin and Carol Irwin,
Owners of Haircuts on Wheels – We come to you!
Full service hair care and styling to meet each client’s needs – shampoo, haircut, beard trim, blow dry, styling, roller set, colour and perms.