AutoAlert in Action

A lifeline subscriber and her family discover how valuable Lifeline with AutoAlert can be after a fall.

When older adults fall, a medical alarm service like Lifeline can bring fast medical help at the push of a button. But if the faller is unconscious or disoriented and isn’t able to push their Help Button, Lifeline with AutoAlert can detect the fall and call for help automatically, reducing the risk of additional suffering and medical complications.

Lifeline subscriber Audrey P. discovered for herself how well AutoAlert does its job on a sunny October afternoon in the back yard of her mountainside home in Kamloops, B.C.

Audrey’s story

“I live next to a greenbelt and get a lot of wildlife coming by. I was out on my back patio feeding the birds and tidying up a little bit,” says the 84 year old retired nurse.“I must have turned quickly or lost my balance, and the next thing I knew, I came to, lying on the ground and bleeding from a gash on my head.”

Fortunately, Audrey’s son Mark and daughter-in-law Jane had convinced her to get Lifeline with AutoAlert just two months earlier.

“We live on a farm half an hour away,” says Jane, a police officer. “Audrey has had a few falls in the past and if it happens again, we didn’t want to risk her lying on the floor for hours before we come over and find her.”Audrey, however, took a little bit of convincing. “I didn’t think I’d ever need it,” Audrey laughs. “But getting AutoAlert was the smartest thing I ever did.”

When Audrey fell on her back patio, her Lifeline with AutoAlert pendant detected the sudden change in her elevation and orientation, correctly identifying it as a fall. After waiting 30 seconds in case she was able to recover from the fall by herself, it transmitted an alarm to the Lifeline Response Centre in Toronto where Victoria, one of Lifeline’s Personal Response Associates, got the call.

“I could see on my monitor that it was an AutoAlert alarm,” recalls Victoria. “I called out to Audrey over her Lifeline Communicator but all I could hear was background noise – there was no response from Audrey. I tried calling her home phone but there was still no response. So I called Kamloops EMS and they dispatched an ambulance right away.”

Victoria then called Jane, Audrey’s designated responder, and told her what had happened. Jane immediately got in her car and started the drive to Audrey’s.


In good hands


When she arrived, Jane found that the paramedics had already moved Audrey inside the house and checked her vital signs, and were now busy attending to

her wounds.“She had a two-inch gash on the back of her head, several bad bruises and a large chunk of skin missing from her left arm. Fortunately, there were no broken bones.”
Until her fall, Audrey didn’t fully

understand how AutoAlert worked. “I’m just astonished that this thing (AutoAlert) went off by itself. I could have been lying there for days before somebody found me.”

High praise

Having experienced the value of Lifeline with AutoAlert first-hand, Audrey and her family enthusiastically recommend it to others. “It’s definitely something that anyone with a senior who is at risk for falling should look at,” says Jane. “It was money well spent!” adds Audrey.

To find out how the Lifeline service can support anyone who is at-risk for falls, call Philips Lifeline in at
1-800-LIFELINE (1-800-543-3546) or visit