Booking an Assessment

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Call us at 905-597-7000 (York Region Office) or 416-322-7002 (Toronto CNIB Office), or send us an email using our contact form

The assessment meeting is a mutually beneficial process. We gather information which will benefit the member (client), family and caregiver. We can appreciate how difficult it is to take the first steps in starting the discussion. Rest assured, we are very sensitive in the process of gaining a better understanding about ‘the person’ for which we are hired to provide care and support.

It all starts with a ‘needs analysis’, and some other areas of discussion typically include work history, hobbies and interests; all in an effort to provide the perfect caregiver match with a personalised approach. Often, it is through the assessment that families benefit from our wealth of information and many resources available through our community resource centres. This sharing of knowledge often saves the family time, money and frustration in trying to understand how best to navigate the health care system. Additionally, we have the ability to link families to many of other trusted resources.

Our knowledge and expertise is second to none. We are here to provide assistance. We are pleased to share our knowledge with you and your family and ultimately deliver the highest standards in quality of care.

Not ready to take the next step? Want to learn more about Mosaic first?

We dedicate many hours regularly to our community through various efforts, such as, educational sessions, blood pressure clinics, health clinics, as well as, in-house presentations and events. We believe that socialisation and education are very important aspects to a healthy lifestyle balance; as such, we host a number of events every month in our relaxed and friendly environment. What better way to spend an afternoon?

Stay connected to Mosaic Home Care through Our Events.

Some past events have included:

  • British High Tea
  • Tai Chai
  • Container Gardening
  • Tax Tips (saving money)
  • Movies
  • Holiday Festive Tea
  • Flower Arranging
  • First Link® Memory Café

and many more.