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Do you take pride in your high standards of care, your empathy and professionalism? Do you believe that home care should address the needs of the whole person, that care is much more than just completing a set of personal support tasks?

Do you want to work for an organisation that shares your high standards, that is recognised for its innovation in home care service provision, that is community focused, that believes we should all be working together as one for the greater good of the person in need of care?

If the answer is yes to all the above we would be proud to have you represent our company, our joint values and beliefs to the community we live in.

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At Mosaic Home Care, we believe in the right of all persons to continue to grow as human beings, to continue to create, connect and have meaning irrespective. We believe in the importance of community and the creation of community connections across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. We are leading the way to the development of person and age friendly communities that enable healthy aging and bring people together to achieve common social goals.

Mosaic Home Care & Community Resource Centres is recognized as a best practice leader in homecare services and for the way it addresses human values and social and community interaction.  It is a recipient of the Gold Medal of The European Society for Person Centered Healthcare for its Person Centered, Community Focused Model of Care.  Providing you with the tools and training that you need to deliver Mosaic Home Care’s higher standards of care is as important to us as it is to you. Training on our person centered care framework, “The Meaning of Me®”, will be provided.

Before contacting us, please take the time to find out more about our company, our services, our staff and our standards by visiting our website www.mosaichomecare.com and our community blog www.janesgtacafe.ca

Candidates should be excited at the opportunity to champion these beliefs and to help support the continuing development of the community interface for our award winning person centered model of care.

The ideal candidate will express the following key attributes:

  • Have an understanding and commitment to concepts of personhood as an important aspect of human relationships outside of the typical care constructs that are usually defined by the lens of incapacity and other vulnerabilities.
  • Demonstrate an ability and a passion for working and communicating with people of all ages, needs, cultures and backgrounds.
  • Be an ethical person with a strong sense of self awareness and a clear understanding of fundamental human rights.

Career Opportunities

Mosaic Home Care is currently looking for compassionate and qualified people to join our team.

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