Eating for Joy and Adventure

When we enjoy our food and look forward to meals, our mind, body and
spirit benefit. Busy lives and many other factors can get in the way of this
joy. Here are a few tips to add some adventure to your meals, by trying
new foods, finding more time to eat and share, and keeping an eye on your
budget too!

Choose one day each week or month, to try new foods. You can try a new
ingredient or dish or culinary style in many different ways. For example, if
you like to cook, look for recipes that challenge your pantry and your skills.
If you prefer to avoid cooking, make your “new food day” one that involves
someone else’s cooking; a restaurant or potluck (you can bring a
purchased item).

Take baby steps. Food is a big part of our upbringing and of who we are.
If you are not in the habit of trying new foods, this may be quite
uncomfortable. Make the new food a small part of your meal. Make it part
of a snack. Choose something which is “sort of” new; you’ve tried it before
but you forget what it tastes like. Perhaps you tried it but didn’t like the way
it was prepared. A small change can make a big difference. My daughter
really likes broccoli, as long as it is not fully cooked. Cooked until soft and
she is not a fan, but al dente, she will eat a plateful! Try something
prepared differently.

Have a back up plan. Just in case the new food is not delightful, have a
Plan B ready. You wouldn’t want to be hungry!

Share the adventure! Get a group of interested people together to try new
foods. Everyone chips in a few dollars, so nobody extends their budget too
much. If yours is a group which prefers to eat than to cook, take the Club
to a different restaurant each time. By sharing dishes, your palate will be
nicely rewarded.

Meeting in the kitchen? Rotate the kitchens or pick one that works well for
your group’s size. Those who like to cook can look after the planning and
delegating. Those who like to help in the kitchen, without having to think,
will be happy to participate. Friends whose culinary experience involves
burning water, can set the table and decorate the room. It is so much more
pleasant to have a lovely setting in which to share the food! There is
usually an entertainer in the bunch, so let them have their moment too.
Everyone helps with cleaning up, of course! Great fun! Great memories!

Great food adventure!

I believe that being happy and content is very important. It can be a simple
meal or an extravagant feast, but we should always feel good about eating.
For this reason, I look for ways to bring joy and simplicity to the table. It’s a
matter of fun and health. If you would like some help trying new foods or
setting up your Adventure Club, give me a shout!

Join Anne Bergman, Your Kitchen Coach at Mosaic!

Explore foods from around the world | Expand your palate & play with your favourite classic!

Leave with new flavours, new ideas, and more confidence on how to experiment and play with your food. In addition, you will take home tip sheets for each new food (where to buy it, how to store it, how to use it in a number of ways). Some simple recipes will be included to make sure this talk keeps on tasting great!

Tea & Toast Tasting

With Anne Bergman, Your Kitchen Coach.

Date: Thursday March 28, 2013

Time: 1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

RSVP: 905-597-7000

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