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ESPCH5 brings together a range of distinguished speakers and chairpersons from across the globe, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark, and, in the United Kingdom, colleagues from the University of Oxford, University of West London, University of Kent, St. Mary’s University, University of Plymouth, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Warwick and King’s College and St. George’s, University of London. Over the intensive two days of ESPCH5, some 31 presentations will be delivered across 9 academic sessions, spanning a wide range of areas of study of immediate relevance to the development and implementation of person-centred approaches within health and social care systems. Debates will take place as part of extended panel discussions, each of which includes a specific panel discussant in addition to the session presenters and session chairpersons.

Following the conclusion of Day One of ESPCH5, the Society will hold its 2018 Annual Awards Ceremony, at which the President and Chairman of Council of the Society, Professor Sir Jonathan Elliott Asbridge DSc (hc) DHSc(hc), will confer the Presidential Medal, the Senior Vice-Presidential Medal, the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals of the Society, the Book Prize and the Essay Prize, the Society’s prizes for qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research, and the Young Teacher and Young Researcher prizes. The Society is honoured to recognise the indefatigable efforts of this year’s medal and prize winners, in their relentless work to ensure that our ever-increasing scientific knowledge base is properly contextualised– which is to say, applied within a humanistic framework of care that treats patients not as subjects, objects or complex biological machines, but rather as persons.

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