Young Carers Program

A young carer is someone 18 years and younger, who provides care to a family member on a regular basis.  This unique role can differentiate young carers from common youth experiences, and limit their time for studying and joining extracurricular activities.

If you or someone you know is a young carer, the Young Carers Program may be able to help!  This unique program is an inter-agency strategy developed to meet needs of young carers who are finding that their caregiving role is impacting their school performance/attendance, social relationships, or sense of well-being.  Programs are facilitated throughout Toronto and include sports, group activities, expressive arts, video games, fieldtrips, homework assistance and more.  Through these activities, young carers are given an opportunity to meet new friends, build resilience and self-esteem, and most importantly, are given time to just be kids.

Programs are offered weekly in different areas of Toronto at no cost to families.

Through this model, the family, the child and the community will benefit from opportunities provided for young caregivers to be seen, heard, understood and validated in the experience of providing care.

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Or contact by telephone:

Larisa MacSween
Manager, Young Carers Program
Phone: 416 364 1666 Ext. 231
Email: larisa.macsween
Fax: 416 364 2231

Natalie Wilson
Coordinator, Young Carers Program
Phone: 416 364 1666 Ext. 245
Email: natalie.wilson
Fax: 416 364 2231

Mailing Address:
Young Carers Program
Hospice Toronto
1102-25 King St. W. (Commerce Court North)
PO Box 324, Stn Commerce Court
Toronto, ON M5L 1G1