Nathalie and Pauline had attended a fundraising event for the new Humber River Hospital Foundation.  We placed a bid and succeeded in winning one of the auction packages; which of course included a limousine, tour of Cinespace and then dinner at Mr. Greek – for eight people.

Mosaic Home Care Services have provided  a day out for some of our lucky caregivers who provided their names for the Mosaic Draw at the Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto. We received a tour of this fabulous film studio where popular shows such as Road to Avonlea, Chicago, and Reign are filmed.

Responses from our caregivers who attended

Hello Jane! I thought I send my short sentence to the email that you sent to us! I’m sorry for that! I had so much fun last Friday! I enjoyed all that part. Specially being one of the member of that group, and being part of the mosaic front line. Thank you so much for that opportunity,

To all the staff of Mosaic, thank you so much and more power to our good office! To Nathalie and Jane, May God bless you always.

Maria Ana

Mosaic has been very generous and very nice to all employees. I thank you for the momentous experience that you have shared. From the Limo ride which was my first, to the Cinespace tour and Mr. Greek dinner.

I’ve been to Universal Studios,Hollywood twice but my experience with Cinespace is much awesome. In Cinespace, I get to the actual place scenario on TV and movie series on foot. Imagine standing on the same place as seen on the screen? Only few has ever given the chance and being one of them is such a privilege. My favorite part was the opportunity to feel and witness how an actual film shooting was done. It was a great pride to stand behind the director and producer doing their job.

Overall, it was also nice having conversation with Ms. Jane and Ms. Natalie as well as meeting other faces of Mosaic employees and of course, how can I ever forget the mouth watering food served at Mr. Greek Restaurant and their famous Opa!

Thank you Mosaic, looking forward for more wonderful experiences.


  • Tour of Cinespace with Mosaic Caregivers
  • Tour of Cinespace with Mosaic Caregivers
  • Tour of Cinespace with Mosaic Caregivers