Mosaic’s Elder Care Plus™

Your complete Home Care Management Solution!

Welcome to Mosaic’s Elder Care Plus, our Professional Geriatric Care Management Oversight Service

At Mosaic Home Care we keep in regular contact with our member clients and their families through our caregivers, our nurses and our client services and client liaison team. It is this regular contact and monitoring of member and family needs that is central to our service culture and our ability to assume the important responsibilities of care giving. It also provides the supporting framework for our new geriatric care management service.

There are times when the needs of our members and their families extend beyond the realm of primary home care services. When caring for aging parents with existing and emerging complex needs, knowing what to look for and when to bring in help can be of utmost importance.

To address these needs we provide a specialist geriatric care management option via our Elder Care Plus service. This service sits on top of our traditional home care options and is charged usually at an hourly rate.

The Elder Care Plus oversight service monitors clients with complex care needs, meets with them on a regular basis to assess their circumstances, looking to respond to issues before they become a crisis, integrates with the flow of information from the caregivers, families and client services team, and is able to assess when to bring in and recommend other care management services and expertise.

Why use a Geriatric Care Management Professional?

According to the National Association of Geriatric Care Management Professionals “A geriatric care manager is defined as a health and human services specialist who helps families who are caring for older relatives…. Is trained and experienced in any of several fields related to long-term care, including: nursing, gerontology, social work, psychology, or case management with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care”.

Through Mosaic’s Elder Care Plus™ the expertise and individualized customer service of a Geriatric Care Manager is now available to every family as part of their hourly home care options.

What do I get with Mosaic’s Elder Care Plus?

Mosaic’s Elder Care Plus provides critical oversight of aging parents with complex needs by a qualified geriatric care manager.

  1. Our care managers are interacting daily with the information flow from our caregivers and client services personnel. This information flow allows us to monitor our members’ physical and cognitive well- being, helping us to determine if additional help is needed in key areas.
  2. Our care managers will meet regularly with our members and their families to verify member client’s well- being and to address concerns and issues arising.
  3. The oversight service is also here to address and provide immediate direction in cases of family crisis and or other emergency. Knowing that you can contact an elder caring expert familiar with your parents and family’s specific needs and circumstances is one of the many benefits of this service.
  4. Having geriatric care management at the centre of your home care services enhances problem solving of pressing issues that may affect the whole care team especially when caring for Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and palliative care patients.
  5. Our familiarity with member client’s family, lifestyle, medial and cognitive circumstances allows us to coordinate with other medical professionals and to provide input, with client agreement, where necessary. For example if you are meeting with a medical professional the oversight function will also be able to prepare a list of questions, relevant to the member client situation, so that the right questions are asked and relayed back to the family, and to the services team looking after your family member.

NOTE: Mosaic’s Elder Care Plus is only available to Mosaic Members.
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