Importance of Caregiver Introductions within our Mosaic Model

Mosaic Home Care takes great pride in delivering a personalized service sensitive to the many lifestyle and care needs of our client members.

We are one of the very few companies that take the time to personally introduce our caregivers to our members. We make sure that the caregiver and client relationship starts off on the right foot, that the caregiver is aware of all the care and personal needs of our members from the start.

Any questions? If there are, we are there to answer them, face to face, and deal with things immediately.

Our caregiver introduction sets the tone for building a positive relationship. Your emotional and physical well-being are our primary concerns. We will do what it takes to make “you” feel safe and comfortable during this new relationship whether this is in your own home, a retirement residence, hospital or other location.

We take great care in matching our caregivers with our clients and our members agree, our success rate in pairing is top notch. This doesn’t happen by chance! Our client services team matches the skills and characteristics of a caregiver to the needs and personalities of our members.

Prior to starting service your caregiver and a Mosaic representative will meet beforehand to review the assessment notes together. This “attention to detail” helps to make the first meeting smooth and seamless and is one of the reasons we are different from other agencies.

During the “meet and greet” we have an opportunity to learn even more about the person who will be receiving care. The person comes first, followed closely by our care, so taking the time to know and understand you is very important.

This is the time when we present our unique “All About Me™” caregiver profile sheet. Our clients and their families have commented how thoughtful and helpful this simple document has proven to be. It often serves as an “ice breaker” and can help reveal common interests and hobbies shared by both parties. This has also paved the way to some very happy partnerships between caregiver and client!

Just a few weeks ago, services started for a member living with dementia who was terribly anxious and afraid about re-locating to a new residence. By applying techniques acquired from the Alzheimer Society of Toronto – Dementia Care Training Program (DCTP) and U-First™, our caregiver helped to settle and calm this individual considerably. By using our person-centred approach and collecting some information through our “Meaning of Me®”, we learned more about this persons’ life stories and values which helped to make the ongoing care a positive experience.

Mosaic Home Care’s personalized customer service highlights us within the home care industry and truly makes us different!